If this is your first appointment and you would like me to bill your Insurance, please contact me at (360) 927-0851 or before scheduling.

Depending on Eligibility, I am able to bill the following: 

  • Worker’s Compensation (L&I)

  • Personal Injury Insurance (automotive)

  • Private Health Insurance

**Please note that I am not able to bill Regence, Premera or HMA at this time.**

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If you'd like to know whether your private health Insurance plan offers massage therapy benefits, call the member services number on your insurance card and ask the following question:  

• Do I have massage therapy benefits? - If so, am I able to be seen by a licensed massage therapist who is NOT working out of a physical therapist’s, chiropractor’s, or other healthcare provider’s office?

• Do I have a deductible that must be met before I can use massage benefits? If so, how much is it?


• How many massage visits do I receive each year? Do physical therapy and/or chiropractic visits count toward these?

• How many massage visits do I have left for the rest of this year?

• Do I have a co-pay or co-insurance with massage therapy? If so, how much is it?


If you have massage benefits, and would like me to bill your insurance, please contact me to ensure that I am contracted with your specific health plan.

Intake Forms:


All Clients: Please complete the Health Intake, Policies, and Waiver forms.

Personal Injury/Automotive Clients:

Please complete the MVA intake in addition to the forms mentioned above.

Worker’s Compensation/L&I Clients:

Please complete the L&I intake in addition to the forms listed above.

Health Intake Form

Policies Form

Waiver Form

MVA Intake Form

L&I Intake Form